The Latest News

So this hasn't been updated in a while! It's now the end of October 2017 and there some new products in the online shop!

Coming soon is the N Scale CV guards van!

Also another bughut in HO scale for the VR modeller.

We've released the start of the Cane Train range with 2 types of cane bins in HOn30, with another to follow soon along with some rollingstock from the Innisfail Tramway. We have also got some loco's planned, with the diesel loco Bli Bli up first. We have the 1st body shots done, and a load of part coming in for the chassis this week so it's progressing well. 

We're also sponsoring the Easter Train Expo in 2018 at Diamond Creek which is going to be bigger and better than last year so keep Easter Saturday or Sunday free for visit!

That's it for now, more to come soon (no really!!)


May 2016

The CV's are out and selling fast - remember there's only 100 being produced at this stage due to restrictions on parts availability (bogies).

The VKEX has also been released.

 See previous news for other up and coming releases, but some xtra items are also on the way for the narrow gauge modeller - stay tuned.!



Its 2016!!!

The Victorian Railways CV is being released this Easter at the YVMRC Easter Exhibition at Hurstbridge.

We're also releasing the Victorian Railways VKEK steel wagon. 

Not much time and too much to do so come along and don't miss out. We're also in Canberra the following weekend so for all you modellers north of the border, we'll see you there!



NOVEMBER 2015 - Again!

OMG 2 updates in 1 month. I need to slow down!

This upcoming weekend we have ARMMEX in Kyneton. We'll be releasing the new bug hut kit and generally having a  bit of fun hopefully :)

Upcoming releases for 2016 include...

CV guards Vans which we should have samples of very soon.

BKF car carriers are almost ready

CA Guards Van in the dev phase

WK1 Kitchenette

Another Bughut!

Plus more!!! Stay tuned via our Facebook book page for the most up to date details.


November 2015

So it's been a busy year. We've had a few new product releases, attended more shows in more states than ever before and as per usual totally neglected the website :)

 Next weekend is the Croydon Exhibition, with M van cow loads being released, and hopefully the new bughut kit if all goes according to play. If not they will be ready for Kyneton at the end of the month.


Please look us up on Facebook and like our page, as it gets more regular updates.

 Not a huge update ause I got things to do, but as usual, have fun amd see ya around the shows.








UPDATE - April 2015

We had a great weekend at the Canberra exhibition this weekend just gone. Now it's time to get ready for Hobsons Bay over Easter.

We have released at Canberra the RKJX steel wagon, the Cane Bins and 20ft Tautliner containers.

 This weekend at Hobsons Bay we will be releasing the RCJF - Long Island Steel - skeletal flat wagon and the VR FX 4 cell bulk flour wagon and the VR 20ft Good shed.





So it's 2015 - what are we up to??

Well I know it's seemed kind of quiet. Not much on the website, no news in AMRM from us so what have we been doing.

Well here's some of it

Queensland cane bins in HO scale, designed to fit on a Peco N scale Chassis (121 chassis kit)

RCJF as seen on Long Island steel trains

RKJX is almost ready (finally!!)

FX, VPFX 4 cell four wagon kit in HO

J 2 cell hopper in HO

Milled windows for the Sprinter Kits (and the decals!!)

VR 20ft Goods Shed in HO scale

All of these products will be released at our first show of the year, which at this stage looks like being Hobsons Bay. Fingers crossed we'll be making our first appearance at an interstate show this year as well.

A few of big "Thank You's" for their help and support in 2014 below...

Bill & Sean at Bill's Billboards, Craig at B&G Models, Dave and Rach at VR Casts, John at Austrains, Ian at Associated Distributors and Tony at Model Etch.

Also a big thanks to The Buffer Stop, Brunel Hobbies, PCB Hobbies, Trainworld and Road N Rail. Please visit our retailers and support them.

Of course thank to all of you who buy our kits and see at shows and keep the hobby shops going.

Roll on 2015 and hope to see you all out there somewhere


Lyndon & Co

OMG!! It's 6 weeks till Christmas arghhhhhhh

Its been almost 5 months since my last website update - SOOOOO SORRY people.

So whats been happening?

Well we have Sprinters available now, a Queensland sugar cane bin kit, casting containers for Chickadee Models,  new outhouse brick dunny's on the way, long island skeletal wagons, bogie flour wagons, it's been a busy time (at least thats my excuse for lack of updates)


This weekend is the Croydon MRC exhibition so pop in and say hi, I'll also have my layout "Gunnellawindi"on display for only it's second outing.

 I'm sure there is more but I have a lot of bags and boxes to pack between now and then, so hopefully see you all on the weekend.



JULY 11 - it's cold and abut to get colder! 

So I'm just about to pack the car and head off to Stawell for the Grampians MRC show this weekend...

Usual kits in stock plus..

 limited number of Sprinter kits (Body, Chassis, Sideframes)

The new Miners cottage kit

New decals from Bills Billboards (WCR)

Range of kits from Blue and Gold Models

 Hope to see you there!


So it's June! Where did all that time go?

Just a quick update to let everyone know we will be at Stawell and Caulfield exhibitions.

The N scale IC tipplers have been added to the online shop, and the HO scale HZB will be added shortly.

We have a Colonial brick miners cottage with weatherboard extension in the pipeline based on a prototype at Whittlesea, and we will also have Sprinters railcar kits available shortly as well.

Stay tuned as there's more news to come...

Bye for now!


Welcome all to 2014 - February

 So what has been happening in the last couple of months? We have partnered with Upfront Pictures to Distribute a new range of Australian railway DVD's, the first, Trains Passing, will be available shortly.

 New kits on the release pipeline include the F338b 15x12 foot weatherboard goods shed, the HZB departmental wagon, the RKJX steel wagon, another shop kit, a new station kit, and another workmans sleeper.The ZF/VVDY Guards van is also being totally remastered and will be released later in the year.

 We'll be back on the exhibition train starting with the Sandown Modelers market on the Sunday of the Sandown exhibition. So make sure you pop down on the Sunday!.

Then it will be the all new Hobsons Bay MRC show at LaTrobe in Bundoora which should be a  great return for this show at a new location.

 More news and pictures to come so stay tuned.





DECEMBER 2013 - Where did that year go?

Howdy all

You may have noticed a couple of changes. LBAT is now just LT - LYNDONS TRAINS, makes sense really as that's the website address. Only took me 5 years to realise. DOH!

So for those who haven't caught up with me at a show recently here's some news...

The bad news first - All ballast wagons have been discontinued for the time being except the 1907 version of the NN.

Now the good stuff

We have a new shop added to shop, with another to follow shortly as well.

The Victorian Railways 10x12 Van good shed is back $20 - It's not in the online store just yet so shoot me an email.

Donnybrook station kit is available $65

The V/LIME VMAP is also available but currently out of stock, but more are on the way!!

We had the N Scale IC tippler test shot painted and on display at Croydon. It is hoped enough Peco chassis' can be sourced and will be included with the kit so you just need couplers of your choice to add. Stay tuned all you N scale VR modellers.

The range of VR wayside structures is going to increase with another station building planned based on Diamond Creek. Plus a few more sheds, loo's and other amazing things to come.

I have been asked what happened to the VQOF kit, in short it's not dead, just hibernating for the moment. The detail parts for the RKJX are a priority at this point.

The Victorian V Class washdock shunter has undergone re-mastering and it may resurface in 2014 with an improved design for motorising (the original was my first kit, a long time ago now, and I felt it needed upgrading)

Our next exhibition will not be until Hobsons Bay at Easter 2014 as I have child #3 due between now and then, so to all who have stoped by for a chat at a show, bought some of my kits or wandered into their local hobby shop and grabbed some LT kits I wish you all a happy festive season and look forward to seeing youaround the traps in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Howdy all

Sorry for the delay in getting news up once again. Its a very busy time for LBAT with exhibitions etc.. so I've been a bit slack with the website. 

We have a new retailer, Road and Rail in Geelong, so if your down that way pop in and grab some goodies.

We have kits back in stock at PCB in Bendigo as of this week so make sure if your up that to stop in there for a look.

We also had more stock go down to Brunel Hobbies in Cheltenham, and plenty delivered to The Buffer Stop in Preston.

We will be at Caulfield in a few weeks, which may be our last exhibition for 6 months or so as we prepare for the arrival offspring#3. Hopefully we will be at the Croydon Show in November but we'll just have to wait and see.

New products, yes they are coming.

V/Line Motorail Car carrier is on the way, and all the AX car carrier kits have been remastered.

 Donnybrook is now available @ $60 a kit. The kit includes a roof.

RKJX's are being bagged up for a Caulfield release.

That's about it for now as I have to go off to the St Andrews Pub to see Mental As Anything tonight.

Have fun all.


 We have two exhibitions coming up bery quickly! As usual we will be at the Waverly MRC show in Brandon Park over the Queeens Birthday weekend, and we'll also be heading off to Stawell in July for the first time, so looking forward to the trip! We willhave new releases at both shows so stay tuned :)



Well i missed the latest issue of AMRM for my update (the June issue) so heres some news. I posted some pics of the new Donnybrook station kit under development to Twitter, so check them out. The war memeorial round-a-bout kit is now available at $10 a kit. The RKJX is getting ever closer, but i'm still trying to get some extra bits done for it so fingers crossed i'll succeeed :)

We are awaitng confirmation on a couple of exhibitions and will advise where we will next appear shortly.

As for new models, there are a couple in the pipeline but until I'm happy with the product i'll keep a lid on it for the moment. Although I do believe there is one colour scheme left for the AX/VMAX that hasn't been out there yet that maybe very soon...


A big thanks to the YVMRC team for the Hurstbridge Exhibition, and of course thanks to all those who came along to the show.

We released a new lineside kit at the show, a war memerial on a roundabout which is selling  for $10 plus postage - photos coming soon, and now that I can return to normality with the hurstbridge all done and dusted the RKJX  steel wagon will be the next kit to be released, followed by  the Donnybrook Station  kit and another freelance aussie building.

We have a new load of stock in The Buffer Stop in Preston, and another box to ship to Trainworld so if your passing by stop into your local hobby shop to see what they have on the shelves. Of course we also have the online shop. 

 Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned


So what's happeneing? EVERYTHING - ARGHHHH

We have the Sandown Sunday traders market ina a coupe of weeks, the new show at Hurstbridge which should be great fun for all, new products on the way, and some re runs of some older ones hopefully. So staytuned, and make sure you come and see us at the up coming shows. 

And check out THIS LINK for a read about what one customer thought of our RKEX kits.



Oh dear!! Threee months since the last update. We've ahd the Croydon and Warnambool shows since then, both were great fun and cant wait till  their on again. As many of you know, there was to be no exhibition on this easter, however th Yarra Valley MRC have decided to put on a show at Hurstbridge, details are on the home page. We'll be there along with several other traders and some nice layouts and other bits and piecesso make sure if your are in town this easter that you stop on by. 

I'd like to say thanks to all the well wishes after I stuffed my back.8 weeks on and i'm still slightly stuffed but less Quasimodo like.

In product news, we have released the weatherboard shop and RKEX as many of you will have seen in AMRM or at the shows. Another new release that popped up for the Warnambool show was the VR "Mallee Shed" corrugated irn railway shelter, available in both RTR and DIY. Were hoping to have the Donnybrook Station kit out shortly, along with the RKJX Steel wagon and a couple of more suprises in the buildings series.

Until next update (hopefully sooner than the last) have fun and see you at the Hurstbridge Easter Show!





Well the Croydom MRC show is on this weekend and it is always a great show to get to. Along with us will be Blue and Gold Models, Austrains and Brunel Hobbies plus a great selection of layouts.

 We have some new releases for the show.

Our 2nd  Aussie shop kit  complete with decals!! This is nice!

We also have the RKEX slab Steel Wagons! YEY!

And a special treat, Trackside Equipment boxes ready to place on your layout. Typical of the modern day Victorian Network, the measurements were taken off boxes on the North East mainline only 3 weeks ago.

 Also, we will have a plenty of NEW arrivals from Chuck's Ballast, an awesome range of decals from Bills Billboards plus some more RTR accessories like sleeper loads and Slab Steel loads for your powerline and Austrains Steel wagons.

There will also be our regular range of kits on hand, plus plenty of VR Workmens Sleepers as well.

Hope to see you there :)



Do not miss theCroydon MRC exhibition in November. Lots of new goodies will be available, plus arange of ballast, Victorian Decals, and some RTR wagon loads.




Waverly MRC exhibition - If you havent already, get on down to the Waverly Show at Brandon Park Community Centre, 645 Ferntree Gully Road (opposite Brandon Park Shopping Centre, behind the Fire Station), Melway 71 C8.

Along with some great layouts are Austrains, Lyndon's Basic Australian Trains, Blue and Gold Models, Outback Models, TrainWorld, ARHS, Brunel Hobbies and a few others.

Come down , have a chat and grab yourself some goodies.

Along witrh our range of kits we have decals from Bill's Billboards and plenty of ballast from Chuck's Ballast range.



First of all thanks to the Hobsons Bay MRC for putting on a great show over easter, and thanks to all those who came to have a look and stop for a chat.

We'll be at the Waverley show again this year so make sure you come along cause it's a great show as well. 

I have been doing some work on that comes along to the shows and have officially named it "Somewhere Out There" and it will now drive itself!

On the product front all the new releases have been added to the Online Shop so feel free to browse.

There are some new kits on the horizon, so I hope some of you like logs and steel.

I also hope there are some SAR/ Comm Rail modellers out there for some of our planned kits.

More news as it comes to hand, and check out the next issue of AMRM for updates.



Here is the first N scale NN/ VHWA with hungry boards fresh from the mould/wrokbench and finally paintshop.


 The hopper is a 1 piece cast, and is the chassis. All the bracing is styrene strip. The kit will be priced at $25 and will require the purchaser to supply their own bogies. The one above is on ATLAS bogies, however the kit is designed for micro trains #1000. The kit will be available very shortly.

On the HO front I made some IC tippler sides to replace the tommy bent sides in the SEM kit for my club and here's the end result.


 If anyone is interested in a tippler kit, let me know. If interest is there i'll get to work on it. It's very simple, the sides are a straight replacemnt for the SEM sides during the assembly with some other parts of the kit requiring minor modification.


Well it's been a while since I posted an update. Where have I been? Well I went on a road trip in November and saw lots of interesting train related stuff (apologies to wife and kids who had to put up with it all). Christmas day brought a massive storm that turned my car in to a dint ridden can on wheels.

On the modelling front the original version of the CJ cement wagon is mastered just awaiting some rubber. The N scale VHWA/ NN with hungry boards is also awaiting rubber now so not far off.

As part of a personal project to model VR TIPPLERS I have started casting replacement sides for SEM tommy bents to make the correct IC code TIPPLER versions for coal traffic, so if there's interest out there, let me know. IF I do it as a kit, it will come with replacement sides, decals and brass shunters steps.

There may also be a couple of other surprises available shorlty but I wont say too much cause I have other commitments and time frames are not always met as hoped.

Our first exhibition of the year will be Hobsons Bay over the easter long weekend, followed by the Waverley show in June.

As soon as the first castings are done of the new bits and pieces I will post them here. Shouldn't be too far away so stay tuned :)

Oh, and we can also accept credit card payments via the online store. Simply select yor items, checkout and goto pay with PAYPAL, click on the Ï dont have a Paypal account button and it will bring up a credit card payment form.

Thanks again to all and wishing you a happy 2012.


 22 October - Another VZTX sample shot showing detail from above.



OCTOBER 18 2011

HO scale VZTX to be released at Croydon MRC's exhibition in November along with... Motorail version of the AX car carrier :)

Also, VHWA in N scale (and maybe one other N scale wagon)

Pictured below the painted sample of the VZTX. Decalling was done using bits and pieces. There will be a proper decal sheet that  comes with the kit.


 OCTOBER 2nd 2011

Well here we are. After 2 months of suffering from every possible illness my wonderful children could bring home from day care things are starting to return to normal. Thank you to everyone who have been patient in waiting for their orders during this period.

1st sample of the assembled VZTX is pictured below. Behind shecdule but on it's it way.

 The kit will include all the bits and pieces to assembleas per above, plus 2 sleeper stacks.

We now have some of our range available through the Buffer Stop in Preston, so if your in the area pop in and have a browse.


 23 AUGUST2011

Has it really been 2 months since my last update or have I deleted something? hmmm, not sure but anyway it's news time! "Yey" the crowd cried - finally!

There is some news on the VZTX front - it's running behind schedule, why? Cause I cant read numbers properly and wound up with a master that was 2mm to narrow. The good news the new master is almost finished and a test shot will be assembled in the next week or two. This kits will have some nice detail bits and also sleeper loads included.

There is more N scale bits coming soon as well.

We have a new load to suit Vic ELX/ SAR OB/NSW NOBX type open wagons. It's a load of poles. There will be a couple of other loads coming as well. Incidently, how nice are those Orient Express OB wagons! I've posted a pic of one of mine weathered with a new Powerline VHGF (which is also quite a nice purchase) in the My Layout Gallery..

There will be a new range of GRAVESTONES added as well.

For visitors of the Bufferstop in Preston, they will soon have a range of our kits on the shelves as well.

If your local hobby shop doesn't stock out kits, feel free to ask them too or simply order direct online. 

There will be some regular updates over the coming weeks as there will hopefully also be some very good news soon regarding some decals we have been working on for some time so stay tuned.

The YARRA VALLEY MODEL RAILWAY CLUB which operates out of the old railway goods shed at Lilydale will be open this Saturday 27th August for visitors between 12-2pm to co-incide with the DERM visit to Lilydale. There will be trains running and some LBAT kits for sale.

Cheers for now


25 June 2011

Here is a sample pic of the VZTX ends.


Thanks to all who came along to the Waverly show, great to meet some new faces and catch up with some familiar ones.

Also a big thanks to the organisers who did a great job!

News time - sorry it's been a while! The HO scale VZTX manual sleeper discharge wagon is progressing well, and with this kit I think i'll be including a jig for bending handrails as there are some interestingly shaped handrails. I'm curenlty toying with a couple of ideas for the main wagon chassis and once I decide which way works best I'll post a pic of a sample wagon.

As usual, this kit will include Associated Distributors XSC bogies, decals from Bill's Billboards, any brass detail parts required from Model Etch, and of course the wagon itself. It is on track for a late July early August release.

The N scale NN has been popular so thanks to the N scalers out there for your enthusiasm, there will be more to come.

Trainworld have plenty of stock of our kits again so if you're passing by stop in and see whats there, and we hope to have stock in a couple of more shops in the next couple of months.

Our next exhibition appearance will probably be at the Croydon MRC show, which is moving to Ringwood this year on or about the 19 & 20  of November but I may have the dates wrong. Stay tuned for more details as they come to hand.

Thanks again for all your support, and dont forget to visit the links page and check out some of the other kit and accessories manufacturers out there like Bill's Billboards, Model Etch. Blue and Gold Models, VR Casts, Ian Wilson Models, Chucks Ballast, and also check with your local hobbyshop to see what they have in stock.

Thats about it for now :)



LBAT will be attending the 2011 Waverley exhibition at Brandon Park Community Centre, 645 Ferntree Gully Road, Glen Waverley.  (Melway Map 71 C8)

Public Exhibition Hours

Saturday     11th June            10am to 6pm

Sunday       12th June            10am to 6pm

Monday      13th June            10am to 5pm

8th May 2011

Howdy all, firstly thanks to the Hobson's Bay MRC for another great show, and thanks to all who came along. We released a couple of new items at the show, the HO Scale 1907 build NN, and the N scale 1950 build NN. Both items are now availble on the PRODUCTS AND SHOP page.

 Currently in development we have 3 sleeper discharge wagons on the table. Two variations of VZSF and the VFTX. Also we will soon release the O wagon hopper kit, which require the purchase of a seperate chassis kit.Since most of what we have released to date is based on non revenue rollingstock, another upcoming possibly project is the the loco breakdown vans, but we shall see how we progress. There are also a couple of other items back on the table that may come to fuition soonish. So stay tuned for more developments, ns once again thanks for all your support.

There will be some updates to the modellers page shortlyas well.






12 April 2011

As seen on the home page, the HO SCALE 1907 NN kit will be released at the Hobsons Bay show over easter. The kit includes all the bits required except Bogies paint and couplers. The required VR plateframe bogies are available from most good hobby shops and from Steam Era Models.

N Scalers do not despair, there will N scale NN's available as well, sorry no pics yet (I've run out of paint!)

We will also have a selection of fine ballast from Chuck's Ballast  available, and a new display layout on show. So dont miss out on the Hobson's Bay Show April 23 and 24. 

 23 March 2011

Well here is a bad picture of our next release. The 1907 NN ballast wagon. The one pictured below is an unfinished hand painted and VERY weathered test. It has not yet had handrails and detail parts added such as brake wheel, steps, underfloor detail. The photo was taken with my mobile which is not of the higherst resolution so apologies, I will stick up a nicer picture soon. The kit will include decals and brass bits as usual but will not inlude bogies. The kit will require VR Plateframe bogies from Steam Era models to complete. The model also has rivet detail, which the photo below does not show well (i think it's slightly out of focus too!)



17 March 2011

With Hobsons Bay only 6 weeks or so away make sure you you pop it in your diaries to pop on down as it's a great show !

We will have some new items up for grabs. The N scale ballast wagons (orat least 2 types) will be available, and one new HO scale kit which I might post some pics of one I have a finished one ready to show., and it wont be the sleeper wagon as I'm still working on that. Stay tuned...

13 Feb 2011

After a pleaseant afternoon with friends in Sunbury, then a grocery shopping trip I have managed to squeeze in some test casts of the new N SCALE ballast hopper - the 1950 NN.



12 February 2011

The N scale NN is progressing nicely, 1st test shots should be up this weekend (if i hve enough rubber!)

A rather heavy box of ballast has arrived and i'll add these to the webstore over the next few days.

Not much more to report right now. Hopefully we'll have an update in the next AMRM as well.

Cheers for now...


16 January 2011


 Back in Melbourne now and whilst it's great to be back home spare a thought for the folks up north who have had a rough couple of weeks with more to come.

First bits of news for the year from us there are more pics from the holiday to go up in the gallery soon. We are considering making limited edition prints on canvas of Gallery pictures available. If you'd be interested please let us know.

The CJ/VHCA's are available now, just go to the order page or purchase online with Paypal.

We will shortly have a range of Chuck's Ballast available via the website - more to come.


Toowoomba Qld, it's raining. Hopefully get out and about today and find some more trains to phtotograph. Keep up with my travels in the Photo Galleries page. Hope you all have  great christmas!



Although we cant be there this year, Warnambool model Railway Clubs exhibition is on 8 & 9 January. It's Open to public from 10am to 5 pm both days and there will be layouts and traders in attendance. So if you're near Warnambool or feel making a day trip get down there and check it out. The location is...

Archie Graham Centre – 118 Timor Street Warrnambool Vic 3280 











































The CJ/VHCA is available in very limited numbers leading up to christmas (well actually the 15th December as we are closing for 3 weeks as of the 16th) 

Priced at $55 per kit, it comes with all the bits you see below including bogies and decals, etch brass detail bits and wire for handrails. All you need to get seperately is paint and couplers.

to order email  by the Saturday 11th to ensure we can get one out for you before christmas.

Of course all our other kits are available as well, so if have some time off and need a couple of projects to work on I'm sure we can help you out!



The first painted and weathered sample. This was made from seconds and the earlier chassis before I broke the master nad had to make a new one. They'll be available very soonm so stay tuned. Price will be $55.00 including bogies, decals, brass bits etc...


Just a quick one tonight - If you need some decals for your 3 door SEM QR kit, we have plenty of left over decals from our old 3 door QR kits (not to be confused with the current 4 door QR kit we have). The decal sheet includes QR and VOWA codes, and also has "fr sleeper traffic only" lettering. If you like a set or two, their going out the door at $2 a set posted tp your door. Just shoot an email to with your details or post your order to LBAT C/o 10 Arbour Street Mernda Vic 3754.

PS- If you feel the urge, join the facebook group Mernda Needs Trains to support the campaign for a railway to mernda (and beyond) instead of a busway. 



Wow it's been almost a month since my last update!!! My apologies!!!

So whats been happeneing?

Well there will be some pics up shortly of the CJ/VHCA cement hopper which is still in production but getting very close to ready. This will be my first kit to come with Associated Distributors VR 40 ton round lid bogies. The bogies run very well, we have been putting through the ringer at the Yarra Valley Model railway Club and the results have been very pleasing.

I have heard all sorts of interesting rumours about soon to be released kits from other manufacturers and all I can say is VR modellers ahve never had it soooo goood!!! Which leads me to the upcoming bits of releases from us.

The CJ/VHCA - 3-4 weeks max

The VFSX sleeper wagon next year

A couple of other surprises

V Class and ZF guards vans reworked.


Well some new news, first for a few weeks. We have stock heading off to Trainworld and will have some kits available through the shop in Brighton in the coming weeks.

There have been some changes to the BUY ONLINE page, a couple of price changes (price drops on a couple of kits actually!), and website has been updated to order the VHJA Gypsum hopper online.

The CJ/VHCA is progressing, and if all goes to plan there will be test shot up in the next couple of weeks.

Thats it for now, enjoy yourselves and thanks for stopping by :)

OH - 1 more thing, thanks to all who have requested being added to the mailing list, the next update via email should be out in the next 4 weeks with the annual christmas specials for mailling list members. 


An upgraded 1 piece body kit with interior detail of the "4 DOOR" QR/VOWA





A new day has arrived, I finally got a new computer!! Now here's the tricky part, does anyone know how to get a Windows 7 PC to talk to a HP deskjet 9300? Cause no one out there in PC forum land.  In their infinite wisdom at HP or Microsoft someone decided this printer is on the chopping block, so no drivers have been written for it and so far none of the work arounds have provided success.

Anyhow, dont forget we have a show coming up 2 weeks at Lilydale. The VHJA/VHCA gypsum hopper will be available, cement versions may have to wait a bit longer. The kits include bogies, decals, brass details parts, detailed instructions and of course the wagon super structure.

 Popped into the Caufield show and picked up a few bargains, chatted to quite a few people, and saw some awesome bits and pieces coming out for the Aussie modeller in both HO and N scales.

 A lot goes into getting a kit out, so i'd like to thanks a few people once again for their assistance in no particular order...

Bill and Sean at Bill's Billboards, Tony at Model Etch, all the boys at Austrains, dad for all the help at shows, my better half for putting up with 2 young kiddies while I cast, Brian at Powerline and also to Brunel Hobbies.

Dont forget to come along to Croydon MRC show in a couple of weeks, detail below.


 September 11th and 12th
At The Lilydale High School

Saturday 11th 10am – 5pm
Sunday 12th 10am – 4pm

Family $16   Adults $6   Kids $4   Conc.$5



Howdy all

The Croydon MRC show in September will be the release for the VHCA/VHJA open top Gypsum Hopper, and possibly the Closed top CJ/VHCA Cement hopper. NONE WILL BE AVAILABLE PRIOR TO THE SHOW - sorry but need to make sure all stocks are back up. The kit will include everything except couplers and paint. The decal sheet covers VHCA,VHJA and CJ codes. Also available will be the all new 1 piece body 4 door QR/VOWA, and 1 piece body QN/VHNA along with AX car transporters and ZF/VVDY guards vans and the range of ballast wagon.

I have managed to find all my detail shots of the "O" wagon, so the next few releases in "HO scale" look something like this

CJ, VHCA and Motorail AX/VMAX- September/October

"O" wagon - New year

VFSX sleeper wagon New Year


 September 11th and 12th
At The Lilydale High School

Saturday 11th 10am – 5pm
Sunday 12th 10am – 4pm

Family $16   Adults $6   Kids $4   Conc.$5



Howdy all

Finally some good news, with the help of Mat from Croydon MRC, we managed to get the hard drive out of my zapped PC, get a docking station from Hong Kong and with a great sigh of relief discover the PC may have been fried but the hard drive survived with all my files intact.

 We will be at the upcoming show at Brooklyn in just over a week, and may even have a new kit available as well (fingers crossed), though it will be in limited numbers. Of course we will have AX's, plenty of ballast wagons, ZF guards vans and bits and pieces.

Now all i need is a new PC (using an ancient laptop currently).

Have fun all :)


DISASTER STRIKES - Tuesday night, June 22nd, it's a cold night in outer northern Melbourne. The wind blows hard, but all seems well in the heated comfort of a cloned estate house living room. The TV blasts noise during insidious commercial breaks, there's laughter from a 2 year old echoing down the hall, the wine tastes good for a cheapish bottle. Third glass down, maybe it's time to put the lid back. The coffee table's two feet away. The bottle of vino is half way down the length of the black steel frame and polished wood eBay bargain. I reach for the bottle... Dark descends, sight gone. A brief thought flashes through my mind, "did i really drink that much?". Suddenly blindness, but from intense light, then darkness again.

I walk in the door. Wednesdays I leave work around 4.45. It's now 7.03. I should move to Geelong, the trains get there faster. She's in the kitchen. "Babe, I have some bad news..." Five words that can strike down the hardest johnny with fear, panic and a whirlwind of endless imagined tragic happenings. I need a fishbowl of red, pronto.

Five gulps. Nervous system inebriated? Check. "Hit me with it Baby..".

Kit instructions files, motorail decal artwork, photos, email distribution lists. There all gone, taken from me in one blinding flash. An LED flashes on the back of the box indicating signs of life. The lackluster response to a caress of the on switch tells me otherwise.

In short folks, we copped a power surge last week which has frazzled the brain of my PC so I have lost a lot of info. If you were on the LBAT distribution list chances are you're details have been fried along with the PC. Please feel free to send me an email requesting to be re-added. There may a delay with some AX kits as a result as the only have a hard copy of the instructions at the moment and need to redo in the PC when I get a new one.

Stay tuned....


More news -


After much tearing of hair, yelling at computer and smacking of head into brick wall the artwork for the Motorail logo appears to be ok. Check out the picabove. It's just printed on paper and stuck on for purposes of the photo, but it gives you an idea of what the end result will be.The final kit will include the standard ax wagon plus motorail decals and styrene sheet for the panel is it painetd on.



The decal sheet artwork was fnished off last night and is ready to rock n roll, thanks Bill and Sean :) These kits will be available in the 4-8 weeks.



We have added another link - another VR prototype manufacturer, VR CASTS, check them out at, i think you'll like it!


Howdy again, time for an update on whats been going on in the world.

We have a domain name!!

We have no banner adds on the site anymore :)

We got a mention in the last AMRM

Last weekend I ventured out to the Waverly exhibition and spent most the day with a couple of legends of the cottage industry, Craig and Craig of Blue and Gold Models

 They are most accomodating chaps, they have some wonderful models and a great new range of VR paints available and some  very nice stuff in development so make sure you swing by their website and add it to your favourites (it's on my links page if you need it :) ).

 Photo of Craig D and Craig K - they take their work very seriously ;).


I also took the oppotunity to photograph our almost finished kit of the Victorian Railways CJ/VHCA cement hopper on Craig's AMRM feature layout "End of the Line" , pictured below. The version shown is the later version VHCA wth it's "lid" removed as used for gypsum traffic. The kit will include a lid, and hopper doors not seen in picture below, decals by Bill's Billboards will be included as with all our kits, bogies should also be included so long as my supply doesn't dry up, model etch brass details parts are also included. The hopper is a one piece cast, the chassis with hopper doors is also a 1 piece cast, the lid will be another 1 piece casting as well so the majortiy of the wagon is completed by glueing 2 or 3  castings together depending on which version you are modelling. Then it's just a case of adding the detail items. These should be released at an exhibition in August or September, or via the website.


 Pictures shows a painted and weathered but incomplete VHCA kit. Decals applied to display model are from my scrap box. The kit will include the usual quality decal sheet supplied.





Over the coming week or so I will be adding all the product range to the ONLINE webstore. We cureently have the following kits available.

NN 1950

NN/VHWA/VZMA 1950 build with Hungry Boards

NN VHWA / VZMA with welded hopper

QR/VOWA 4 door wooden open wagon

QN/ VHNA Ballast wagon

AX/VMAX car carrier 

ZF/VVDY Gurds van

V56 VR tractor body kit

Slab Steel loads

ELX printed wagon side rib inserts.

12V Grain of wheat light globes - clear

Thanks again to everyone for your support and enjoy model trains.



UPDATE - Hopefully some of you may have noticed already, but there are no longer any banner adds on the website -YEY! This also means I will be able to expand the webstore over the coming weeks.


 Here we go, the first test moolding of the VHCA wagon. Used for cement originally, some later had their "lids" removed and were used for gypum transport. What you see in the photo below is made up of 2 castings, the hopper, and the chassis. (the bogies were purchased)


 This kit will make both the CJ/ VHCA with "lid" or as the VHCA as pictured above with no lid. The kit will also have a decal sheet to include CJ/ VHCA in VR and VHCA in V/line Freight. It is also anticipated that the kit will include bogies and retail for about $45.

Other news - AX car carrier kits are selling super fast, I have only 10 left in stock until I can cast some more, so be quick!



 There will be some new updates to the website over the coming days, the product page has been somewhat negelected and is missing a few products.

 Some new accesories have arrived from China - 12V grain of wheat light globes. Great for lighting building interiors, re lighting old locos and all sorts of other great stuff. There are 5 bulbs per pack and at only $5 plus postage you can start lighting up your layout.

 On the model front - 

VHCA CEMENT HOPPER - 2 months away.

MOTORAIL verions of AX - not long

O Wagon - lots of rivets to fit

 Also we are re - releaseing the QN ballast wagon as a 1 piece wagon body, instead of 5 pieces. All you will need to do now is add wires and brass details parts, much faster assembly!!!

 The plan is to do the same with the 4 door QR in the not to distant future.

Thanks again for everyone's support and hopefluuly some new photos coming soon!




Howdy all

Firstly, i'm back online, PHEW!!

NEWS TIME - Thanks to the organisers of the Hobson's Bay show!!

AX CAR CARRIER KITS ARE AVAILABLE NOW - EMAIL to order yours. Cost of kit is $60 including wagon body, wire, etch brass bits, decals and Austrains bogies.

NEW RETAIL OUTLET - we will announce a couple of new retail outlets in the coming weeks once we have the stock on their shelves :)

AX - "MOTORAIL" wagon is still on the way, just getting the decals right for the Motorail Logo.

VHCA cement hopper almost ready

O wagon getting there

Another version of the ZF to come as well.

Anyone interested in the ALX? Cosed or open side? Let me know numbers so I can think about it.

Cheers for now :)


HOBSON'S BAY 2010 Easter Sat,Sun,Mon

Howdy all, we will be attending the 2010 Hobson's Bay MRC show at Collingwood College over the easter weekend. We will have the AX kits available long with some kits for V56, the NN, VHWA, VZMA, 4 door QR's, QN's and ZF brake vans. We also hope to have the motorail decals for the ax's ready on time. We might also have a few extra knick knacks available depeneding on deliveries from china and the US. There will also be loads for slab steel wagons, these are "Ready to Run". Fully painted and coated, just drop them into your steel wagons.

A couple of hopeful releases for the show have been delayed due to work commitments and moving house next weekend, however in the pipeline with masters started are the VHCA cement hopper, a conversion kit to turn a Steam Era Vhgy into a VHNY (high lid), and the O wagon, along with N scale NN ballast hoppers. If by some miracle I find more time in the next 2 weeks, i may one of these available at Hobson's Bay

From all reports it sounds like it's going to be a great show, so get yourself along and grab some goodies and see some great models on display.


Thanks to everyne who cam to Healesville over the long weekend. It was a bit quiter than last year, but we all had a great time and got to ride on the YVTR first revenue run. Congtrats to the Croydon MRC. particuarly Matt and Ron, and also to the YVTR for putting together a great weekend. If you miseed it this year, dont miss it next year!

 We had a limited number of AX kits available (7 to be exact) and now I have none. But no fear, I will have plenty at HOBSON"S BAY, along with NN, VHWA, VZMA, ZF, QR, QN's, slab steel loads and... maybe something in N scale and... maybe a conversion kit to change something into something else. We'll see how things go.



Here it is, the almost final version. And here's a close up of one of the decals applied.

 The kit will include

Sides, floor with added internal detail parts, top deck, decals, etch brass detail parts and wire and lamps.

 Initially the AX as pictured will be avaiable, and later a kit for the Motorail services.




The VZMA kit has been totaly upgraded with new hopper master being which has made the assemply even easier. See picture below.



15/02/2010 The good news, the bad news and the ok news...

The Good News... The AX kit is almost ready and the first version will be available at the Healesville exhibition if not sooner. Also, the VZMA/VHWA rebuilt welded steel hopper has been upgraded with an all new hopper and will also be aviabale at the shows.

The bad news is the "MOTORAIL" versionof the AX "might not" be ready in time for the shows.

 The OK news is... N scale is coming in the form of VZMA ballast wagons but maybe not in time for the shows.





 Above - the first assembled sample. Combination of kit parts and styrene. Kit will have some extra bits and pieces and of course decals. First release will be the standard VR RED, followed by a Motorail version, then if there's enohgh interest a V/line motorail version.

 The AX was used on both Broad and Standard gauges for passenger Motorail services and primarliy interstate finished car transp[ort.

The AX/ VMAX motorail wagon is almost ready for release, maybe 4 weeks away. This kit will include the chassis, sides, underfloor components, top deck, lower deck, brass etch and cast details parts and decals.

The VZMA (welded - no doors) Ballast wagon has been into the workshops and a whole new master has been completed which cuts 4 parts out of the assembly process, and adds in 2 new ones, but it's extra detail so the wagon looks better. These will be available again in the coming weeks.

The V class washdock shunter is back, and improved and will be available at the next round of exhibitions.

The ZF guards van has been selling really well.

The 4 door QR is running low.

SLAB STEEL LOADS "ready to fit" have been selling like crazy and are still available.

Original 1950's NN and rebuilt with hungry boards ballast wagons are currently out of stock but will be available again shortly.


Hmmmm what could it be?...

 Early test shot taken with mobile phone. Sides and chassis complete, the top deck is actually the master which is yet to have a mould made of it. It's early days, and there are some bits required, but looking good so far..





This kit features a one piece body casting, The kits also includedes the chassis casting, and details castings, brass shunters steps and of course decals. Bogies and couplers not included.


 This kit is easy to assemble, and looks great when finished, complete with truss rods castings and brass shunter steps.


Painted and ready to sit in your steel wagon.






 and slab steel loads to suit Austrains and Powrerline steel wagons AVAILABLE NOW!





cast resin STEEL LOADS FOR YOUR POWERLINE/AUSTRAINS STEEL WAGONS - PAINTED, READY TO PLACE IN YOUR WAGON!!!   $10.00 per pair (suit 1 wagon) - to order email:




COMING SOON..... 4 door Victorian Railways QR wagon.


 This is a shot of an incomplete sample but it looks good enough to give you an idea. The kit will be available in the next 3 weeks and will include basic 4 door QR decals (not as above but the terminal safety vehicle may be avaiable as a limited run later), wagon sides, ends, floor, truss assembly, door bouncers, brass shunters steps, wire for handrails and instructions.

ALSO....The VHWA/NN with hungry boards is now avaiable with sharper detailed hungry boards.  


 And more yet....

The weekend was spent at Daylesford getting detailed photos for the O wagon - yes it will actually happen :) - Thanks to Brad for the tour!



Howdy folks, time for another update. First of all we now have our kits available to all through BRUNEL HOBBIES in Station Rd Cheltenham Vic. Check out their website, there's a link on our links page or visit the shop.

 Slab steel wagon loads will be avaiable in a week or so, and the 4 door QR will also be avaiable sometime in the next 2 weeks, along with an imporved VHWA hungry board ballast wagon. (new hungry board masters have been made which are not so "chunky")

The ZF guards van body is complete, just the chassis with underfloor to go and it will be ready for release, already have a swag of decals for it which look great (Cheers again to Bill)

 Once these are all done, it's on to the AX car carrier, and finally the O wagon and some N scale versions of QR's and ballast wagons.

Any questions please email me

Unitl next time....



The rubber is in stock, now all I have to do is go and pick it up! So with that in mind there will be new stuff coming out very soon...more news to come in the next few days




Well it's time for some more good news...

Whilst I await the delivery of rubber for making molds for new projects (and it has been quite a wait), I have some good news for the exisitng range of NN/VHWA/VZMA kits - these will now also come with etch brass wagon strirrups (arrived today) from Model Etch inplace of drilling holes and using wire. We are also hoping to have kits available through a retail outlet in the next few weeks, more news on that later.

As some of you may have seen, Steam Era Models are releasing a 3 door QR injection molded kit next year, and from the photos i've seen it looks quite impressive, well done to them. With this impending release I will not be looking to build up any stocks of the 3 door QR's going forward and I will concentrate on other stuff instead.

As soon as the rubber is delivered there will be 2 new kits out before christmas hopefully, being the ZF guards van, and something else. Soon I also hope to have steel loads for ESX, VKOX slab steel wagons.

Finally dont forget to visit the links page and visist some of the other detail component suppliers who I recommend highly, Model Etch and Bill's Billboards.

Until the next update, happy modelling :)


Well we had a great time at the Croydon Show, and my Dad (Tony) who was helping me out scored a Trainorama 930 for his efforts - Thanks Dad :)

Thanks to Ron and the Croydon MRC for organising the show.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the show, it was greta meeting everyone.

We sold out of almost everything so it's stock rebuilding time now, then back to work on some of the planned upcoming releases.  


Here a couple of shots of whats coming soon...(obviously not finished yet)


The VR,V/LNE ZF/VVDY guards van and the VR station chimney.

Also... the QR has been updated with a much better chassis and finer detail as has the NN,VHWA series of wagons as well.

Here's a shot of the new QR chassis (top one) vs the old one and a shot of the decals sheet included with the kit and the sample sheet to help locate the decals.






We will be at the CROYDON MRC exhibiton at Lilydale high school on 12 and 13 of  September with our kits available. We will have the QR/VOWA (has been upgraded since first release with better floor and addition detail added to the wagon sides), NN/VHWA, VZMA, QN/VHNA and a few V class kits i have left, hopefully some VR station chimney's, the low sided NN and if i'm lucky the ZF guards vans (very lucky, lots of casting to do but the decals are ready and look great - thanks Bill!)

Addition to the project list - 4 door QR hopefully somewhere in the Dec-Feb time frame.


Heres a shot of a completed QR with decals. Kit available now $35 each or 5 for $150.

 And here's the new low sided NN. Available shortly.








 And here's a VOWA with "for sleepr traffic only" decals. QR kit comes complete with all the QR and VOWA decals and for sleeper traffic decals.

 And here's and here's a recently completed M Class body M231Kit SOLD OUT


 All models built by Lyndon



So what happening at the moment?

The ZF is progressing.

The V class is down to 3 left @ $50 each.

The first pics of the NN without hungry boards (low sided NN) should be ready this weekend.

The hungry board version is getting a facelift with new molds being made.

And somewhere in amonsgt all this I have to hold down a full time job and a family :)

PS - Is there any interest in VR NARROW GAUGE  in HO scale anymore?


NEWS - JUNE 14th 2009

Having spent the day casting I took some time out to check a couple of the older molds and unfortunately the V class mold is pretty much dead, and the master has been knocked around a bit, so it may be a while before I get a new mold ready. I have 6 V class kits left in stock, so if you'd prefer one sooner rather than later now may be the time to grab one.

In fact all kits are a bit low in stock at the moment as i've been crook, but magic pills from the quack seemed to have gotten rid of what ever it was so it's back into development of new kits.

  •  All the wagon kits now come with decals!! I know i've mentioned this before, but it's such good news!
  • Currently on the workbench is the ZF guards van masters. Probably still 4 weeks away on this one, maybe longer. 
  • The ZMF is also sitting along side it.
  • Drawings for the AX motorail wagon are sitting there as well, but I'm not concrete on whether I'll do this as a kit just yet as I need more photos. (if anyone has any??please let me know :)
  • The long-promised O 4 wheeler hopper drawings are aso ready.
  • VR station chimney's based on Bacchus Marsh and Ballan station building are also on the way.


MAY 25 2009

Howdy everyone - Some welcome and wondeful news. All of our current range of wagon kits will now come with DECALS!!!!!

Decals will be included with all of our wagon kits, along with the brass shunters steps and brake wheels where relevent.

Decals sheets for each kit will include number, codes, to carry.. etc...

So order your new QR/VOWA, QN, VHWA, VZMA with decals!!

Also, I will have them available seperatley for those who have already purchased these kits - will advise when they will be available seperately.

HUGE thanks to Bill of Bill's Bilboards for his effort in helping make this possible.

Also in the news is we will not be proceeding with the MM/MF cattle wagon. Apologies to all who got very excited about it, but the good news is someone else is further down the development stages with the mm/mf and what they are doing sounds impressive. Keeps you eyes open on the forums and magazines for more on that one in the coming months.



Howdy all - The QN kit has been revised and now includes three, 4 spoke etch brass wheels, 1 for the brake, and 2 for the hopper door release. It also come with etched brass shunters steps. Whilst this has pushed the price up a bit, it means it's now a more complete kit. For those who have puchased QN's previously and would like to get some brass wheels with wire they are avaiable for $4.50 per wagon posted. Please email me @ if you need some.

We are currently low in stock on all products (other than brass wheels and shunters steps), so large orders may take a week or two to get out. We recently played around with a different type of resin with the last batch of QR adn QN kits, and whilst the ones that worked were very good, there were more that didn't work, so were going back to what we know works well with all our mold.

The QR has been really popular - Thanks to all who have grabbed  some. I am considering doing the earlier version with truss rods, but there are other things to come first  which I will post updtaes on when there's some decent progress.

I'm awaiting on news for decals for all of our kits - as soon as I have some it'll be up here.

In the mean time, due to the popular demand.....

FOR MAY ONLY BUY 4 QR's, get 5th one free!! Thats a $35 saving.

ALSO - buy 1 M CLASS, get the 2nd HALF PRICE - thats right, you could have the entire M CLASS fleet for just $127.50 !!

 Thanks again everyone for your support and we look forward to getting some new stuff out shortly.


Greetings everyone - Some more great news, all of our wagon kits will now come complete with shunters steps from MODEL ETCH, and the QN kit will also include brass wheels for brake and hopper release. Although the QN will rise in price to $30 as of 10/05, I'm sure the extra brass detail parts will be a welcome addition.For those who have already purchased QN kits, brass wheels will be available seperately shortly.

For any additional detail items or some fantastic South Australian Sheep wagon kits, go to the MODEL ETCH website.


20/04/2009 - THE QR IS AVAILABLE NOW - $35 each.

coming next - another NN

in the pipeline - MM, MF bogie cattle wagon. O 4 wheel hopper (still) 


 Yes it's almost here, I hope you like it. As per usual, the kit includes wagon ends, sides chassis/floor, shunters steps and wire for handrails. Of course assembly instructions will also be included. This model is of the 3 door variety. At this point I havent given any consideration to doing a 4 door variationbut you never know. This will be added to the website order forms and webstore as soon as they are ready which shouldn't be more than a week or two away.




















































































And now we have a WEB STORE so if your a Paypal shopper you can use the cart facilities. If not we also accept direct deposit, money orders, and personal cheques. 


Howdy all

The M Class and QN have now been added to the Available Now and Order Form pages with pictures.

The QR wooden open wagon 3 door variant is about 2 weeks away.

 Plenty of ELX rib interiors available for the VR/Vline variants @ $10 for 4 wagon interiors.



 Howdy to one and all. I had a great time at Healesville and would like to thank everyone who came along and had a chat. Big "Job Well Done" to Paul, Matt and the rest involved in putting the show together - truly fantastic effort. Also thanks to the guys sitting next to me all weekend, Nick and Zec, for the constant entertainment, and finally to my Dad who managed to sell something everytime I left the room and did up those wonderful postcards everyone took home with them. For those who didn't make it, dont miss out next time!!

Can you believe it???

V56 was back in stock, and after Healesville I have only 3 left! However no need to panic as we plan to keep pretty much all items available with no more than a 2 week delay in stock levels.


The M class is now available @ $85 per kit + delivery - I'll have the site updated this weekend with some pics.

The QN is available @ $25 per kit - pics also to come.

 So what's next?

 I have had some great requests and here is the immediate future...

NN - yes another variant and that will be enough of the ballast hoppers for now.

QR wooden sided open bogie wagon - 3 and maybe 4 door variants

O 4 wheel hopper

AN green and grey ELX inserts


LOADs for the QN and NN/VHWA available seperately

Loads for Steam Era Tommy Bent I wagons.

Koondrok Tramway Sentinel?? - thoughts please.. :)

Anyway it's getting late and I'm havng to correct typo's in every 3rd word. Until next time - happy modelling :)



We will have a stand at the Healesville Railway Show this coming weekend March 7,8. and 9. Available will be our NN/VHWA variations, V56 kits, plenty of ELX interior dress up kits (hopefully in AN green as well as VR). I guess the big news is the M class will be available for the first time at the show, as will be the improved QN ballast wagon kit. Better detail, better chassis on this one :)

Hope to see you all there...




 ELX INTERIOR DRESS UP NOW AVAILBLE $10 inc postage - will do 4 wagons.




13/02/2009 - HEY SOME NEW NEWS!!!!

M CLASS - Oh yes, it's on the way and i'll get some pics up of the body in the next day or so. This is a loco body only, no power unit. It will be up to the purchaser how or if you choose to power it.

V Class - My dad thought I was nuts doing such an obscure little loco of which there was only ever one in the class, but I have now sold over 30 of these so thanks to all that have purchased one, i'd love to see some pics of a finished one someday, if you have some, please email me at I am still recieving requests for them so I will have some more ready in the next 2-3 weeks, and hopefully with some new additions to the kit as well.

NN - I am working on the original 1950's version without hungry boards, this can be built from the existing hungry board kit, but I am planning to release seperately with out the extra parts for the hungry board version.

NN/VHWA with hungry boards are in stock.

VHWA/VZMA welded side is also in stock. Both these kits I am hoping to have decal sheets available for them soon as well instead of printed numbers.

ELX - No i'm not producing an ELX, I think the market has enough of them for the moment. However, I have created a printed insert for the POWERLINE elx to give the impression of a ribbed interior. It's actually quite effective, especially from a normal viewing distance! Pics will go up this weekend and will also be added to the Available now page. Cost is $10 including postage and each sheet has enough to do 4 wagons.

More news and updates over the next few days :)


 V CLASS SOLD OUT AS OF 31/12/2008

Those who have ordered up till today (31/12/208) via the website,ebay or have arranged pick up from YVMRC on friday night will be fine. No more orders taken at this stage.

3 Welded hopper NN/VZMA/VHWA kits - still available

7 Hungry Board Hoppers NN/VHWA/CHBA kits - still available

COMING SOON  - the "You built it Gallery" A gallery of pictures of our kits built by you, the modellers.


Wow the year is almost gone!! Thanks to everyone who has offered their words of encouragement, purchased our kits and spread the word. Due to christmas shutdowns, it'll be a week or two before I can get my hands on some more supplies so stocks are quite low and it may be a month or so before their back up to normal levels.

Currently instock we have...


3 Welded hopper NN/VZMA/VHWA kits - still available

7 Hungry Board Hoppers NN/VHWA/CHBA kits - still available

The V56 kits will not be re run again for a while whilst we try and get the M class kits up and running so now's the time to grab one. The M class master is coming along and I have reached a point where I have to decide whether or not to make it "bashable" for those who want the connecting rods to be visible as they sit outside the chassis frame, but are hidden the side boards. Generally they are not visible unless you look closely at the loco from a funny angle, but to the purist these things are a must. After the M class is out, we will have another loco body to follow but will announce a little more on that in the coming month or two.

We are in the process of putting togther a Links page, so if you are a manufacturer, model railway club, model railway resource etc.. and would like to be added. just shoot an email to with the details and we'll get your info up.


Some new news on the product front. Hungry board versions of the NN/VHWA ballast wagons are now available at $35 each plus postage. Photo below was taken of assembled kit with bogies and couplers added for test running on Yarra Valley Model Railway Clubs layout "Bacchus Marsh".



The ballast hoppers are avaialble now :)

If you would like to order a couple, go to the available now page for PAYPAL or if you prefer direct deposit, goto the Order Form and we will send you account details for the deposit.

hungry borad version will also be available shortly

and as will the....... QN BALLAST WAGON




The first batch of rebuilt welded side VZMA / NN / VHWA hoppers  is underway! The kit contains a 1 piece hopper, 1 piece chassis, styrene angle iron, brake stanchion, printed wagon numbers and brass wire for handrails. Retails price has not been finalised yet but i'm expecting it to be around the $30-35 mark. I was hoping to include bogies with the kit, but at this stage it will be body only.

They should be available for purchase by the end of the month (July). Following the welded side with be the 1950's version with hungary boards and side doors. I also noticed in a photo I took in Bendigo a couple of years ago taht one of these at least had been recoded to CHBA. Not sure who that means it belongs too, but it adds scope to the modelling prospects.

As for the Met decals, the stupid things dont work yet. Stay tuned for more these later in the month.


The Met decal saga

Well as to be expected, things havent quite gone according to plan. Whilst the decals look good on the film, they are a bit sketchy with a dark surface behind them. I'm sure this is due to the printing method used (screen printed with a stanp rather than a swipe) So it's back to step one with these but hopefull should have some succesful attempts soon.

VZMA is on the way

Some work on the master is being done to allow for a couple of handrails I hadn't noticed previously, whilst this wont take long, it still requires the final molds to be made and then casting enough to have in stock. At the same time, hopefully, the earlier NN with hungary boards will also be available, and maybe also a version without hungary boards. I have trialled these kits using both Ausicion and Steam era bogies and they run well. 



Due to the fact this store is not my primary source of income, I have only got a Paypal payment facility on this site. If you wish to order and pay via DIRECT DEPOSIT or MONEY ORDER, just head to the contact page and send a message with your order and how you would like to pay and we will repsond with the appropriate details.




Latest Gossip

Depsite the fact I havent actually officially launched this site yet, and havent advertised in any way shape or form, I have had a few questions regarding the  VR M class, so I guess I better get on to getting these kits being ready ASAP. Being realistic, I would say August/September would be a reasonable expectation. I will build a small stockpile (and by small, I mean about 20-30) before I announce they are available. If they happen to be more popular than expecting, then I guess I'll just have to make more!

Also on the news front, I have given this some consideration and decided that, "ah what the hell - just do it". Do what exactly? N sclae NN/VZMA ballast wagons to be exact. So once the HOKits are up, it will be shortly followed by an N scale one as well.

I will hopefully have  samples of The Met. decals up on here shortly if all goes accoring to plan (and yes I have factored into that statement the fact that anything that possibly could go wrong probably will go wrong and the improbability of it going right the first time is virtually non existent but I wont go into the maths behind it.)


Latest news

As we are prodcing the V56, we are now experimenting with decal production for Met logo's for the later green Met colour scheme worn on V56. If these are succesful we will  make them available a seperate item as well as with the kit.


Well I guess the latest news is that we now have a website and this is it. The prototype gallery is expanding with some nice shots taken from around the country.

The model page will be up shortly with pictures of our V class basics kit. It is a 5 piece polyurethane casting. The usual clean up of flash and any air bubbles etc from the moulding process may need to be filled. I plan to have an online sort of tutorial to assist with assembly and cleaning of castings and painting etc.. very shortly.

 Following the V56 should be a Basic Trains version of the M class Newport shunters M231 and M232 and also one or two versions of the NN/VZMA ballast wagons.

After that there may be an Hon2.5 sugar cane loco or two and the Victorian Railways O 4 wheel coal wagons.

Check back here for more updates - hopefully every 2-4 weeks ( hmmm am I overpromising??)

If there are any requests out there for unusual items let us know, we will consider, but not necessarily produce.

 Thanks for stopping by at Basic Trains