MODELLERS GALLERY MODELLERS GALLERY V56, M231 and 232 by Ian Campbell 109422346 V56 with V544 by Ian Campbell 109422820 M231 and 232 by Ian Campbell 109422819 LBAT's QN kit built by Geoff Collis 21505707 LBAT's V56 KIT built by Lawrie Deakin See here on Lawrie's home layout. 32413904 LBAT's V56 KIT built by Lawrie Deakin 32413905 Scratchbuilt NN's by John H Whilst this gallery is meant to be for our kits, these were just too nice to ignore. Scratchbuilt by John Harriot. 45901517 LBAT kit built by John Harriot 45901518 another LBAT QN built by John Harriot 45901519 M and V built by Lawrie D Here they sitting at Romfield 73345940 Lawrie's M 73345941 Robert's M and V in the yard. 73345942 AX CAR CARRIER By JUSTIN BURNS 90711609 2 more AX's by Justin 101421086 V56 in Metrail Colours by Brendan Cockerell 126848954 VZTX on real broad gauge! Built by Iain Hunter, this VZTX kit has been converted to run on "real" broad gauge on the UK version of Broadford. 154155344